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Leather seat burn repair
Leather seat Burn Hole Repair

Mobile Car Leather Seat Repair Swansea

Why not let our skilled interior trim Technicians make your cars Leather Seats Beautiful again. By choosing our mobile repair and restoration service for your car leather seat scuff or scrape, we can provide you with affordable and high quality repairs and refurbishment work. Leather seats are a wonderful option on many newer cars and they are considered a luxury.

With each Technician having over 20 years of Experience your car is in safe hands.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to damage these seats. A dropped cigarette, a sharp object, or even normal wear can all cause damage. Your beautiful leather seats need to be repaired or recoloured as soon as you notice this damage; otherwise, the damage will get worse and cost more to repair.

We offer a fully mobile car leather repair and refurbishment service in and around South Wales Bridgend, Cardiff and the Swansea area.

Car Leather Seat covers are very expensive to replace and the labour costs can be quite high, as well. Instead of replacing your car leather seats,just give us a call and ideally text or Whatsapp a couple of photo’s and we can usually give you a repair cost. Not only can we save you money, but we can save you time, too!

Simply use the contact form on to contact us or alternatively phone Steve on 07792-320692 or Carmond on 07977-514324

How We Save You Time and Money with our mobile Car Leather Seat Repair Swansea Service

Our car upholstery repair service is fully mobile – we come to you! Our car leather repairs workshops contain all the equipment necessary to repair your seats. We can also repair many velour, cloth, and vinyl seats, as well as leather. With over 20 years of experience helping local customers our technicians only need access to a power point and a place to park their vehicle.

We can come to your home or to your place of work. Most repairs are finished in about an hour.

You don’t have to take your car to a traditional body shop or upholsterer and leave it for day’s to have your leather seats repaired or even replaced.

Save both time and money with our mobile Swansea upholstery repair and restoration service.

Car cloth seat burn hole repair
Before and after Cloth seat Burn Repair

Our Swansea technicians are the best in the business.

They are highly trained, professional, and courteous with over 22 years of experience helping customers in Swansea and South Wales with interior trim repair.

They have completed the training necessary to become experts in their field of leather repairs. As a result, the work that our technicians complete will usually be invisible depending on the damage.

If your returning a lease vehicle or rental cars make sure you hand it back in good condition as when inspected upholstery repair costs can run into thousands especially if you have interior scuffs and scrapes to leather seats and Trim

Simply use the contact form to contact us or alternatively phone Steve on 07792-320692 or Carmond on 07977-514324

Car Leather Seat Repairs Swansea – The Repair Process

Our experienced interior trim technician will examine your car’s leather seat and determine if the damage can be repaired. In some cases, if  repairs have been carried out previously, it might not be possible for similar repairs to be completed.

Our trim technicians are the best in the business and can use a selection of different methods for car leather seat repair, Connolising is used to repair seats that show signs of wear as Leather seats need moisture to keep their luxurious beauty or they become dry and cracked causing wear. Connolising and buttoning add moisture to the leather, making it beautiful once again.

If you live in South Wales or Swansea and need our services Simply use the contact us form to email us or alternatively, text or WhattsApp photo’s to one of the below mobiles for a speedy reply or phone Steve on 07792-320692 or Carmond on 07977-514324

Red Leather Car Seat Restoration and Recolour
Red Leather Ink Stain Before and After Repair