Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Swansea

Your alloy wheels are very easy to scratch, ding, and dent. Sometimes, it takes nothing more than catching a curb going around a corner.

Unfortunately, alloy wheels are not very forgiving and replacing them can be quite expensive.

You can save time and money by using our Swansea alloy wheel refurbishment and repair mobile service to bring your wheels back to their original beauty.

Please forward at least one Photo from about 6 feet away so we can see around the damaged area.

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Welcome to Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Swansea

We can save you both time and money by refurbishing your alloy wheels.

Our mobile repair service will come to your home or place of work.

This saves you time and money because you don’t have to drive to a body shop and wait for hours or even days for refurbishment. Our mobile workshops are fully equipped to return your alloy wheels to their original beauty and without even removing the wheel from your car!

All we need is space to park our mobile workshop and a power point. Our experienced alloy wheel repair technician will take care of the rest.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Swansea,Your local Alloy Wheel repair and Refurbishment company.

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Mobile Car Wheel Refurbishment- Swanse - South Wales

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Swansea can save you money!

Alloy Refurbishment
Before and after wheel repair

Simply use the Contact us form to contact us or alternatively, send a photo via Text,i-message or WhattsApp and include images of any minor scuffs and scrapes and we can get back to you with an idea of cost or helpful advice.

Phone Steve on 07792-320692


Carmond on 07977-514324

If you have ever priced a replacement alloy wheel for your vehicle, you know just how expensive that can be. Our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment in Swansea service is very competitively priced.


Phone us for a free quote and see just how much money you can save and still have your alloy wheels looking fantastic.

The process of refurbishing alloy wheels is done in three steps:


Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Swansea
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Step 1

Our local Swansea mobile repair technician will examine your alloy wheels. There are some types of damage that cannot be corrected, but the majority of damage can be taken care of. Our technician will begin the refurbishment process by using a small grinder to get rid of the spots, ridges, and dings on the rim’s surface.

Step 2

A special epoxy is then applied to areas where our technician used the grinder and this will even out any low spots. This epoxy will also work to strengthen the alloy wheel, so it will be as strong as when the wheel was brand new.

Step 3

The final step makes the wheels look beautiful. Our experienced technician for alloy wheel repair in Swansea will recolor your alloy and then apply two coats of lacquer. It takes about an hour for the entire refurbishment process and the wheel is not removed from your car.

Here’s a short video on how does an alloy wheel refurbishment takes place:

Our mobile workshop makes it simple and inexpensive to get your Wheels looking terrific again. We can save you both time and money and you will find our specialist technicians are courteous, prompt, and professional. Don’t spend a fortune replacing your alloy wheels we can help get your car in tiptop condition again.

Contact us today to receive your free quote or advice and see just how much you can save with our service for alloy wheel refurbishment in Swansea and South Wales.

Simply use the form on the right to contact us or alternatively phone:-

Steve on 07792-320692 or Carmond on 07977-514324

Some Of Our Social Media Reviews

Would defiantly recommend
on 10, Feb 2017
Did a repair on my machine cut alloys came to my house were honest before they started that as it was a machine cut they could do a repair but not exactly match the finish well iI defy anyone to spot the repair it is an excellent job would defiantly recommend
John Carter
from Cardiff
Good value for money.
on 27, Mar 2017
Repaired two alloys for me. Great work carried out, friendly and fun service from the two gents and good value for money. I would definitely recommend.
Dave Williamson
from Cardiff
Great service
on 07, Jul 2017
Great service, work and guys. As an accident prone driver I will definitely use them again!
Hannah Thomas
from Swansea
Highly recommend!!
on 07, Oct 2017
Highly recommend!! Great job on a bumper repair, very professional service
Sarah Robey
from Cardiff
Very pleased with the work done
on 18, Oct 2017
Very pleased with the work done by Carmond. He managed to come out to do the work the day after I contacted him. Disguising/repairing a cigarette burn on the back seat. Looks good as new and at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend. Very helpful and great friendly service.
Megan Kerswell
from Cardiff
on 11, Oct 2021
Very pleased with the work carried out by Carmond. After scraping my allow wheel they gave me a quote quickly over iMessage (after seeing a few photos) and arranged to come out to my home within a few days to repair the damage. From start to finish it was repaired with in an hour. The wheel looks as good as new! Very professional service and I would highly recommend them!
Wayne Gourley

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